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tud_logo_fuer externe Webseitencased1TU Darmstadt / Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED)

The System Security Lab at the TU Darmstadt/CASED develops security architectures and trustworthy infrastructures, and covers cyber physical security in hardware and software, in particular for embedded systems, RFID and sensor systems, and smartphones. Moreover, we conduct research in cloud computing and applied cryptography. Professor Sadeghi and Dr. Wohlgemuth are heading the PersoApp Community.

For more than ten years a multifaceted research alliance with focus on IT security has been growing in Darmstadt: at Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt), the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (Fraunhofer SIT) and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Since July 2008, the three institutions are bundling their competencies in the Darmstadt LOEWE Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED). LOEWE is an initiative to support the development and economic excellence in Hessen. The Hessian Ministry for Science and the Arts provides initial funding for this initiative, thus successfully promoting regional key aspects especially through interconnecting science, non-university research and economy.

At this alliance in Darmstadt, more than 200 scientists are doing research on current and future IT security topics. Sixteen professorships are specializing in different IT security subject areas. A total of 33 professorships from natural science, engineering, economic science and human disciplines are involved in CASED projects. This thematic diversity is unique within Europe and makes Darmstadt a popular choice among students. Technische Universität Darmstadt is offering a Master’s degree in IT Security and at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences IT Security is a major field of study in the Master´s degree of Computer Sciences. Both universities cooperate in teaching. Professionals can expand their education in the T.I.S.P. seminar or a multitude of other expert workshops at Fraunhofer SIT.

Fraunhofer SITFraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT)

Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT is the leading expert for IT Security and develops solutions for immediate use, tailored to the customer’s needs. Over one hundred highly qualified employees covering all areas of IT security make such customized services possible. The staff constitutes the competency foundation for cross-technological services at the highest level. The Fraunhofer Institute SIT is active in projects for companies from all kinds of industries. Numerous successful projects carried out with international partners are the resounding proof for trustful and reliable cooperation.

Security Evaluation and Verification: Fraunhofer SIT is not only proficient in the techniques and methods but also has all the necessary equipment and tools to specify, analyze, verify and validate IT based systems. The staff can thus perform practical tests to review a system’s security, simulate the security features by using appropriate software and suitably visualize the reviewed system’s security characteristics.

Security Integration and Advancement: Fraunhofer SIT has extensive knowledge about the latest security technologies and the security services of current systems and products (including operating systems, applications, and protocols). Numerous projects document the Institute’s immense experience in implementing security technologies into diverse application contexts.

Security Management: Fraunhofer SIT is familiar with the relevant international IT security standards, packages of measures and assessment guidelines. The Institute also has the methods and tools for conducting threat and risk analyses as well as for developing security concepts and business continuity plans.


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