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CAST Workshop „SmartCards“, Darmstadt

Gepostet von am 11. September, 2013 in Allgemein | Keine Kommentare

cast-250x240The CAST Workshop „SmartCards“ addresses security and development of SmartCards operation systems and their components. The main focus are protection profiles and certification in the context of health cards, the new German national ID card and the security module of Smart Meters. An additional point of discussion is secure server signing based on the new European Directive for remote signing of web mails and electronic sealing of documents. How does security of a SmartCard be detectable used? Are qualified digital signature by these means feasible?

PersoApp presents within this scoe its contributions to development of secure and user-friendly Internet applications with the online identification of the new German national ID card. The presentation will show options for security and privacy in social networks so that individuals keep control on their identity.

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