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Cyber-Physical Integrated Society – Event with PersoApp Partner NII Tokyo, Japan in Darmstadt

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CPiSThe PersoApp partner National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo, Japan presents in Darmstadt current trends and research activities in Japan towards a data-centric society and electronic identities among others to support disaster prevention and recovery. The talk „Grand Challenges in Informatics: Big Data driven ICT Innovation in Cyber-Physical Integrated Society“ focus on innovative data-centric services, societal aspects, and electronic identities.

  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Noboru Sonehara, Director, Information and Society Research Division, (NII); Dean, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI); Project Director, the Data-centric Human and Social Science (ROIS)
  • Date and time: Monday, March 24, 2014 from 14h30 on
  • Venue: TU Darmstadt, building S2 02 (Robert-Piloty Building), room C120
  • The event is for free. Everyone is welcome.

About this Event

Cyber-Physical Integrated Society is being formed?  Information devices and sensors of every kind are connected on the network. Information is being digitized and distributed, allowing anyone to access it at anytime. As a result, integration between information space (Cyber space) and the real world (Physical world), or in other words, a Cyber-Physical Integrated Society (CPiS), is being formed.

Big Data-driven information services!  In this society, human and social activities at the physical world are reflected in Cyber space. The power of information is expected to bring about data-driven information services. We are researching and developing social systems that sense human and social behaviors, analyze life-log data, synthesize information services, and provide feedback quickly and in a timely manner.

Data-centric decision-making support system!  Difficulties in human and society, we have to subjective decision-making, based on partial data and incomplete knowledge. To support rational decision-making, we are researching technologies that make it possible to synthesize diverse and massive amounts of digital data collected from the Web, smart phones and SNS. We are creating a new Big Data-centric human and social sciences (DcS) based on the analysis of data and the synthesis of service.

Service Synthesis by Data Analysis Technology!  This talk will introduce

  1. Web/SNS data driven tourism policy and disaster prevention policy making support systems, and its application disaster-mitigation policy making,
  2. ID Data Commons that is able to be protecting and utilizing Personal Information (PI) for data driven ICT innovations.


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