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Major Release A1

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The Major Release A1 of PersoApp’s Open Source software library is available for free and under LGPL v3 via the following URL:

Do you want to contribute to the PersoApp community with your software module based on/for the eID functionality of the new German ID card? Please feel free to let us know via Twitter, PersoApp forum, or eMail.

Components of Major Release A1

Major Release A1 is divided into a couple of Eclipse projects.:

  • PersoApp-eCard-API-1.1.2 is for reference how the WSDL and XSD files of BSI TR-03112 are used to generate the necessary code templates for services and messages
  • PersoApp-Core contains everything needed to establish communication links between a national eID card and an eID server
  • PersoApp-Desktop contains the user interface, platform specific application code (Desktop stands for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X environments) and the build files


How to build your own PersoApp:

  1. Check out PersoApp-Desktop and PersoApp-Core into your workspace directory, i.e. with Eclipse do „Import Project from SVN“ using the URL
  2. Open the newly created PersoApp-Desktop project
  3. Move to directory „build“
  4. Execute „build.xml“ as Ant task
  5. When the build process finished you’ll find „PersoApp.jar“ in the „dist“-directory of the PersoApp-Desktop project
  6. You can test „PersoApp.jar“, e.g., with the  demo and test service of PersoApp

Issue Tracker and Forum

Please feel free to use the PersoApp issue tracker for your comments and requests to the source code; for any other topic related to PersoApp, please feel free to use the PersoApp forum.

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