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PersoApp – An Open Source Community

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Welcome on the homepage of the PersoApp Open Source Community for secure and user-friendly Internet services. PersoApp supports the development of software using the new German national ID card’s online identification function. The PersoApp consortium aims at bringing citizens, free developers, companies, and public service organizations together. A participation in the PersoApp Community is always possible. PersoApp contributions and activities are available for those interested as follows:

  • The Pre-Release of PersoApp is based on the AGETO eID client together with a demo and test service, and the Fraunhofer SIT guidelines.
  • The Open Source Software Library is the open source code of the PersoApp eID client and offers a library for the online authentication (eID) functionality of the German national eID infrastructure. She is available as Major Release A1 under LGPL v3 at Google Code.
  • The TU Darmstadt/CASED survey on security and usability of Internet applications with the new German national ID card and design of use cases. Some use cases are offered as bachelor/master thesis. Please find their description at the PersoApp Forum.
  • PersoApp Forum supports exchange of best practices, experiences, questions, and answers to PersoApp software and the German national eID infrastructure in general. Concrete topics regarding the software code of PersoApp should be discussed via the Issue Tracker.


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