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PersoApp at OMNICARD 2014, Berlin, Germany

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Identification is the focus of OMNICARD 2014. For twenty years the smart card community has been meeting at its sector conference every January in Berlin. This year’s OMNICARD will be focusing on the major topic of identification, both of people and things. With its motto “The world of smart ID solutions”, the conference will be considering sophisticated system solutions, many of which are no longer confined just to card format.

Every year, as well as focusing on established topics, OMNICARD deals with new issues arising in the field of security, electronic identities and data protection. Banking, e- und mPayment, NFC, Smart Grid, eMobility und eEnergy are at the forefront. Another prominent topic will be Germany’s no longer quite so new identity card. We will also be looking at the latest user reports, new possibilities and developments, and at official standpoints. In addition, there will be numerous forums and workshops dealing with topics such as De-mail, online banking, bank payment transactions, eGovernment, eID, cloud computing and, last but not least, the electronic health card, which for years has been at the centre of impassioned debate.

  • Event: OMNICARD 2014
  • Location: Grand Hotel Esplanade, Berlin, Germany
  • Date: PersoApp at OMNICARD on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 18h30-20h00
  • Presentation: PersoApp slides are available for download
  • Agenda and registration at

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