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PersoApp at the ISSI in Tokyo, Japan

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Security and privacy are not only general requirements of a society but also indispensable enabler for innovative IT business applications of an infrastructure aiming at an increased, sustainable safety and welfare of a society. Increasing dependability on national and international infrastructures for critical services means that incidents of any kind including cyber attacks on these systems can have highly disruptive impacts on a smart society, and the safety and welfare of the population.

An exchange of scientific challenges and approaches for solution in order to improve resilience of a society by support of IT is the focus on the International Workshop on Information Systems for Social Innovation (ISSI) 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The PersoApp advisory board member National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan organizes the ISSI workshop series. One topic for discussion between participants from Asia and Europe is IT support for protection, response, and recovery activities by both official and non-official participants in case of a natural disaster.

In the context of the community building for PersoApp, the talk of Dr. Wohlgemuth presents with control and transparency a proposal for an extension of the current security model. Interferences on security and privacy should be prevented and measured as much as acceptable for a spontaneous information sharing. Latter aims at increasing IT support for prevention, response, and recovery activities on interferences of any kind on infrastructures of a smart society.



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